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Why Tattoo Parlors Should Consider Zero % Credit Card Processing

Tattoo parlors are niche businesses with a good chance of success if managed and marketed effectively. Owning a tattoo parlor involves more than artistic skills and fulfilling client requests. It requires financial stability to keep your business running.

While credit card processing is a necessity in today's world, steep fees and high charges make it daunting for small businesses to thrive. That's where zero % credit card processing comes into play.

In this from ModPay Solutions, we'll explore why zero percent credit card processing is ideal for tattoo parlors.

Why Tattoo Parlors Should Consider Zero % Credit Card Processing

Table of Contents:

  1. Breaking Down Zero % Credit Card Processing

  2. How Zero Cost Processing Works

  3. Why is This Solution Beneficial for Tattoo Parlors?

  4. Reasons to Consider Zero % Processing for Your Tattoo Parlor

  5. Save Exhaustive Charges

  6. Quick Accessibility of Funds

  7. Increased Customer Satisfaction

  8. Transparency and Simplicity

  9. Strategies for Growth

  10. Implementing Zero Percent Processing

  11. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

  12. Conclusion

People Also Ask:

Can I use a credit card to pay for a tattoo?

Yes! Paying for goods and services with your credit card is common in today's digital marketplace. This includes paying for tattoos as well.

Why do tattoo parlors only take cash?

Many tattoo artists still prefer cash due to avoiding credit card processing fees and possible bounced checks. However, with reliable merchant providers offering alternative solutions like zero cost processing and fraud protection, tattoo parlors are quickly adopting more convenient payment options like card processing.

Breaking Down Zero % Credit Card Processing

In other words, business owners can offer their customers the convenience of paying with a credit card without having to worry about the cost that comes with it.

How Zero Cost Processing Works

How is zero percent credit card processing possible? The answer lies in the way processing providers make their money.

Instead of charging a processing fee to the business owner, some merchant providers place a small convenience fee on the transaction for the customer. Depending on the provider, this fee typically ranges from 2-4%.

You might be thinking, "Why would my customers want to pay a convenience fee?" Well, studies have shown that consumers are often willing to pay a small fee if it means they can use their credit card.

Many post-pandemic surveys have shown that up to 85% of consumers were willing to pay a small fee for the convenience of using their credit cards.

Why is This Solution Beneficial for Tattoo Parlors?

One word: cash. Tattoo parlors are notorious for being a cash-only business. While this may have worked in the past, offering customers alternate payment options is becoming increasingly important.

With zero percent credit card processing, tattoo parlors can now offer credit card payments without worrying about the cost that comes with it. This can increase revenue for the business, as customers who the cash-only policy may have deterred can now pay with their cards.

Reasons to Consider Zero % Processing for Your Tattoo Parlor

Tattoo parlors are places of artistic expression where clients come to create a meaningful connection between their bodies and their stories. But as any business owner knows, accepting client payment is just as important as the art itself. This is where zero % processing comes in.

Continue reading to discover more about what this solution can do for your place of business.

Save Exhaustive Charges

As a business owner, paying high charges for credit card processing is not ideal, as every penny counts. Banks typically charge up to 3% of the card transaction value in addition to monthly fees and a minimum transaction fee. That can be a lot of money to lose.

On the other hand, zero percent credit card processing has lower rates for monthly fees and no transaction fees or percentage charged. Therefore, you save a lot of money you can use to grow your tattoo parlor.

Quick Accessibility of Funds

Zero percent credit card processing providers often have fast processing time and same-day fund accessibility for transactions made on your account. This is a great benefit compared to traditional processing companies, which may take up to 72 hours to credit your account.

With quick and easy access to your funds, you can plan cash flow better and make more informed financial decisions.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

In a world where plastic has become more prevalent than paper money, your customers expect to have credit card option payment for their tattoo services. Zero percent credit card processing comes with the same standard point-of-sale equipment and processing services as traditional credit card processing but with no costs for your customers.

With low to zero processing fees, this payment option will make your customers feel more valued, satisfied, and likely to recommend your tattoo parlor to their friends.

Transparency and Simplicity

The fees charged by processing companies can be complicated and confusing for business owners. Zero percent credit card processing offers a straightforward fee structure with no hidden charges.

Unlike traditional processing providers, they offer easy-to-understand terms with no contracts, monthly fees, or penalties to worry about.

Strategies for Growth

Compared to traditional credit card processing companies, zero percent processing providers offer services to help you grow your tattoo parlor. They can provide strategies such as loyalty programs, analytics tools, and virtual terminals, to name a few.

These features are designed to increase revenue, reduce expenses and improve customer satisfaction. By selecting a zero % credit card processing provider like ModPay Solutions, you have a partner supporting your business's growth.

Implementing Zero Percent Processing

Implementing no fee processing is relatively straightforward. A payment processing provider can help you set up the necessary software and hardware to accept these payments and support you every step of the way. You can also customize the fee structure to meet your business needs.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Tattoo parlors need to maintain positive customer experiences and satisfaction. With zero percent credit card processing, it's important to communicate with your customers regarding the small transaction fee they will bear. Transparency and clear communication will prevent any misunderstandings and ensure customer satisfaction.


Zero % processing can be a game-changer for tattoo parlors in today's digital economy. This unique solution can help you manage your payment processing expenses and increase your bottom line in a fiercely competitive market. By choosing a zero percent processing solution, tattoo parlor owners can level up and succeed in the industry while leaving their competitors behind.

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