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About Us

Long before the age of technology, businesses were still taking payment for goods and services. While that system may look much different today, the importance still remains on accuracy, security, and privacy.


Since 2006, ModPay Solutions has been helping businesses achieve their merchant processing goals through a variety of payment processing solutions that match modern-day advancements in technology. From the in-store point of sale solutions to online credit card processing, ModPay account managers can help your business meet the needs and demands of their customers through these executive services:

Why choose us?

Our customers are our partners and our partners are our customers. At ModPay, we are not only committed to providing you with the best merchant payment processing solutions, but also to your business’s overall success and growth. Our extensive network, including local networking partners, allows us to offer a wide variety of solutions for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses.


Whether you are just starting and need an easy-to-set-up Hosted Payment Page (HPP) to process online credit card payments for your new eCommerce business or you are an established business looking to upgrade your current merchant processing system, ModPay has the modern payment solutions you need. Let our team take care of your team, with the latest card payment processors for both in-store and online, as well as our merchant capital loans for when you need an extra line of credit to help fill orders and maintain operations.

Diverse Solutions

  • eCommerce Payment Processing

  • Cardless In-Store Payment Solutions (Apple Pay & Google Pay)

  • ACH Processing

  • Merchant Capital Loans

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Dave Menezes


David Menezes is the President of Modpay Solutions, a merchant company that specializes in providing 0% merchant accounts. Modpay Solutions provides merchants with fast, secure and reliable payments processing, helping them to manage their business with greater efficiency. Under David's leadership, Modpay has become an industry leader in the market for merchant processing solutions. With his expertise in the field of payments technology, David is committed to delivering the best services and products to merchants worldwide.

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Jessica Menezes


Jessica Menezes is the CEO of Modpay Solutions, a merchant company that specializes in providing 0% merchant accounts. Jessica has worked in the payments industry for over 10 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as CEO. Her passion for technological innovation and customer service excellence sets her apart from other leaders in the field. Combining her business acumen with a deep understanding of processing technology, she has helped shape Modpay into an industry leader. She strives to simplify payments for merchants worldwide by delivering cost-effective solutions that are secure and reliable.

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Adriana Rubalcaba

Senior Executive Assistant

Adriana Rubalcaba is a positive Senior Executive Assistant with over 17 years in executive team support and proven track record of providing exceptional partnership.

Outstanding written and verbal communication known for concise language and thoughtful conveyance of information between proper channels. Self-motivated work ethic to perform effectively in independent or team environments. Fast-paced organizer of strategic data with deliberation in providing organization to chaotic workloads.

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Adriana Rubalcaba


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