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Pay Zero Fees/ 0% For Mobile Payment Processing

With our zero-fee mobile payment merchant account, you're free from hefty fees that eat away at your profits. We've eliminated unnecessary middlemen and instead offer instant transactions from end to end. All transactions are safe and encrypted with state-of-the-art technology for added security and peace of mind.

Accept Payments Anywhere

Our mobile payment solution is designed to make taking payments anytime, anywhere a breeze - cellphones, mobile devices, and more. Whether you’re at a brick-and-mortar store, exhibition hall, farmers market, or on the go, our zero-fee mobile merchant accounts have you covered.

All Mobile Payment Platforms Covered

  • Mobile browser-based payments.

  • In-app mobile payments.

  • Mobile or wireless credit card readers.

  • Contactless mobile payments or mobile wallets

Use Existing Equipment & Software

In most cases, you are able to keep your existing equipment & software which we will integrate with. We do also provide the most advanced systems to businesses that are looking to upgrade or integrate with a better solution.

Advanced Security

We use the latest threat intelligence technologies to detect potential threats and block any unauthorized access quickly and effectively, mitigating any security risks. All your valuable information is encrypted and highly secure, so you don't have to be concerned about any recent data breaches or cyber theft. 

What is ModPay Solutions' "Pay 0% for Mobile Payment Processing" all about?

This refers to a particular type of offer or service where businesses or individuals can process mobile payments without incurring any fees. This means that if you're running a business and you choose this service, you will not be charged a percentage or a flat fee for every transaction processed via mobile payments.

How does ModPay Solutions manage to offer 0% fees for Mobile Payment Processing?

We've strategically designed our business model at ModPay Solutions, enabling us to offer 0% fees on mobile payment processing. Our revenue stream is primarily derived from premium features and services, which allows us to focus on increasing our user base without impacting our business sustainability.

Are there any hidden costs with ModPay Solutions' "Pay 0% for Mobile Payment Processing"?

Transparency is key at ModPay Solutions. When we say "Pay 0% for Mobile Payment Processing", we mean exactly that for our standard payment processing service. We ensure any charges associated with additional features or services are clearly stated in our terms and conditions.

Does ModPay Solutions compromise on service quality by offering 0% Mobile Payment Processing?

At ModPay Solutions, quality service is not dependent on our fee structure. Even with our 0% payment processing fee, we maintain a high standard in our technology, customer service, and reliability. We strive to provide the best possible service to all our users.

Is ModPay Solutions' "Pay 0% for Mobile Payment Processing" a permanent feature?

Our 0% fee for in-person payment processing is not just a limited-time offer, but a permanent feature of our service. We're committed to providing an efficient, affordable solution for businesses, which is why we've made this decision to support your face-to-face transactions continuously, with no transaction fees. It's one way we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to your business success.

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