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Secured banking services that work seamlessly with your ModPay Merchant Account.

We help all businesses, including 'high-risk' businesses that want more peace of mind.

High-Risk Safe
24/7 Service
FDIC Insured
Simple Application

All the banking services you need to stay compliant.

  1. Checking Accounts: Offered to individuals and businesses for daily transactions like deposits, withdrawals, and bill payments.

  2. Savings Accounts: Designed to help our customers save money while earning interest on their deposits.

  3. Debit Cards: Linked to checking accounts, allowing our customers to make purchases or withdraw cash directly from their account.

  4. Online and Mobile Banking: Enables our customers to perform banking transactions electronically via the Internet or mobile apps.

  5. ATM Services: Cash withdrawals, deposits, and other basic banking transactions.

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