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Our merchant processing network is vast, with over 99% of applications getting approved.

That means most of our clients get approved, including previously denied applications. Our merchant payment network is incredibly reliable, offering businesses and customers a secure and efficient way to send and receive payments. Using the latest encryption technology, we ensure that all information is stored securely, protecting both your personal data as well as your payments.

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Eliminate Credit Card Fees & Pay 0% Per Transaction.

We pass all processing fees to the card providers so you pay 0% per transaction.

Stay 100% compliant and start saving thousands every month.

High-Risk Merchant Accounts Without Concern

Having the right partner can greatly benefit a business by providing reliable payment services, data security, and fraud prevention solutions. This can help merchants protect their customers against unauthorized access or misuse of their financial information. Additionally, high-risk payment processing can provide extra layers of protection against hackers and other malicious actors. This helps keep customer data safe from potential breaches and other cybercrime activities. 

Regardless of industry, we help you get setup with zero-fee processing or high-risk merchant accounts.

We moved our payment processing to Modpay six months ago and now we have better rates, newer more modern credit card terminals, and most importantly, our account manager we can contact directly! Our regret is that we didn't start with ModPay years ago, these guys are awesome. I recommend any small business that accepts credit cards to use them, hands down!

Janice M.

CEO: Lake Henshaw Resort & Country Club

We were with the same processor for the past 15 years and never felt the need to switch our payment processing until we starting having issues with our terminal. We weren't able to reach our current processor/rep so we found ModPay. Not only did they upgrade our terminals within 48 hours, our entire reporting system is advanced and now our employees can even use our system as a timeclock. ModPay's system far exceeded our expectations and our customers love it.


Controller: United MD

If you accept payments, we can help.

We approve over 90% of our applications, even previously declined submissions.

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Proudly supporting Military owned businesses nationwide!

We offer military discounts and donate 10% of our proceeds to wounded warriors.

Modpay Solutions is based less than 10 minutes from Miramar Naval Base, San Diego.

Home of Top Gun.

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