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Pay Zero Fees/ 0% For In-Person Payment Processing

We offer a range of card readers, as well as mobile and desktop apps, so you can take payments anywhere. Plus, our secure payment processing ensures that your customers' data is safe and protected. Get started today and take payments in person from your customers with ease at 0%.

Cardless Transactions

A cardless transaction is a financial transaction that does not require the use of a physical credit or debit card. Cardless transactions are conducted using mobile devices, such as smartphones, which can be used to make payments at retail locations or to withdraw cash from ATMs.

Cardless transactions are becoming increasingly popular due to the growing number of consumers who own smartphones and the increasing availability of mobile payment applications. In addition, cardless transactions offer several benefits for consumers, including convenience and security. For merchants, cardless transactions provide a new way to attract customers and increase sales.

Processing Hubs

We work with a variety of different processors to ensure our clients get the best rates possible. And since we are not as big as major banks and other providers, we are able to provide a more personalized level of service.

Use Existing Equipment

In most cases, you are able to keep your existing equipment which we will integrate with. We do also provide the most advanced systems to businesses who are looking to upgrade or integrate with a better solution.

Advanced Security

We use the latest threat intelligence technologies to detect potential threats and block any unauthorized access quickly and effectively, mitigating any security risks. All your valuable information is encrypted and highly secure, so you don't have to be concerned about any recent data breaches or cyber theft. 

What does "Pay 0% for In-Person Payment Processing" mean?

Our "0% Fee for In-Person Payment Processing" means that we, at ModPay Solutions, do not charge any transaction fees when you process payments face-to-face with your customers. Whether it's through credit card, debit card, or mobile payments, your in-person transactions are fee-free.

What types of transactions are considered "In-Person" for this 0% fee structure?

In-Person transactions are those payments made physically at any point of sale. Whether you're operating a retail store, a restaurant, a tradeshow booth, or any business that involves direct interaction with your customers, we cover all these scenarios without any transaction fees.

Are there any hidden charges associated with the 0% In-Person Payment Processing?

When we say "0%", we mean no transaction fees on each in-person payment. Other charges could include our monthly service fee, the cost of necessary hardware, or fees associated with other types of transactions. We believe in transparency, and we encourage you to review our terms and conditions or ask us directly for a comprehensive understanding of our fee structure.

Can I switch from my current payment processor to ModPay Solutions 0% processing service?

Absolutely. Switching to ModPay Solutions 0% processing service is typically straightforward. We have a dedicated team that will guide you through the entire transition process, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations. Contact us, and we'll help you understand how the transition would work for your specific business model and needs.

Is the 0% fee for in-person payment processing a limited-time offer or a permanent feature?

Our 0% fee for in-person payment processing is not just a limited-time offer, but a permanent feature of our service. We're committed to providing an efficient, affordable solution for businesses, which is why we've made this decision to support your face-to-face transactions continuously, with no transaction fees. It's one way we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to your business's success.

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