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Pay Zero Fees/ 0% For Your Online & eCommerce Payment Processing

Our ecommerce merchant account offers businesses the ultimate combination of availability and affordability. With our zero fee payment processing service, you can accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express payments with ease—and at absolutely no cost.

Processing Gateways

Credit card processing gateways are geared specifically towards eCommerce businesses securely transmitting the online payment data to the processor for approval or denial. This data is encrypted, offering additional security for your clients. While not all eCommerce businesses have a credit card processing gateway, relying solely on payment processors, ModPay account managers can help you decide if this tool would be beneficial to your eCommerce business.

Hosted Payment Page (HPP)

If you are looking to create an all-in-one, consumer-oriented online eCommerce platform, a hosted payment page (HPP) is a must. HPPs provide eCommerce businesses with a secure, online checkout page for credit card and E-check (ACH) processing capabilities. Even if you are a non-profit eCommerce business looking to gain traction, you can customize your HPP button to reflect a “Donate” option rather than buy or pay. This PCI-compliant page can be created with your business logo without any specific programming.

Use Existing Software

In most cases, you are able to keep your existing software which we will integrate with. We do also provide the most advanced systems to businesses who are looking to upgrade or integrate with a better solution.

Advanced Security

We use the latest threat intelligence technologies to detect potential threats and block any unauthorized access quickly and effectively, mitigating any security risks. All your valuable information is encrypted and highly secure, so you don't have to be concerned about any recent data breaches or cyber theft. 

What is ModPay Solutions 0% Online & eCommerce Payment Processing offer?

ModPay Solutions 0% Online & eCommerce Payment Processing offer is an exclusive solution that enables businesses to accept online and eCommerce transactions without any processing fees. This means you can enjoy full revenue from your sales without any deductions for processing costs.

Are there any hidden costs involved with ModPay Solutions 0% Online & eCommerce Payment Processing offer?

Absolutely not. At ModPay Solutions, we believe in transparency and straightforward pricing. Our 0% Online & eCommerce Payment Processing offer involves no hidden fees or costs. However, additional services outside of the scope of the 0% processing offer might incur charges, which will always be clearly outlined beforehand.

Does ModPay Solutions 0% processing fee apply to all types of payment methods?

Yes, our 0% processing fee applies to all major debit and credit cards, as well as other popular digital payment methods. We aim to provide maximum flexibility to our customers, so they can provide the same to their clients. If there are specific payment methods you're interested in, please reach out to our support team, and we'll be glad to assist.

Will the quality of my payment processing be compromised with ModPay Solutions 0% offer?

No, the quality of service will not be compromised. Despite our 0% processing fees offer, we ensure high-standard, secure, and efficient payment processing. We leverage the latest technology to offer you a seamless and reliable payment processing experience.

How do I sign up for ModPay Solutions 0% Online & eCommerce Payment Processing offer?

To sign up for our 0% Online & eCommerce Payment Processing offer, simply visit our website and fill out the application form. One of our customer service representatives will get in touch with you shortly to guide you through the setup process. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our support team at any time.

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