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Join Thousands of Merchants Who are Thriving With Zero Fee Credit Card Processing

Every month, we help merchants save hundreds of thousands of dollars through our zero fee processing services!

Fee Calculator
Seamless zero fee credit card processing.

How is zero fee credit card processing possible? Our platform works with all major providers like Mastercard and Visa, adding a small service fee to each customer's purchase. This ensures you receive the full sale amount. We handle the processing fees, covering all your monthly transactions. Each month, your statement will reflect zero costs. Say farewell to merchant service fees, as ModPay Solutions eliminates your credit card fees entirely."

Say goodbye to merchant fees forever

We offer month-to-month contracts for all accounts.

Nationwide coverage in all 50 states.

Benefit from next-day funding

Experience unmatched customer service

Collect 100% of your sales.

Unlock the Benefits of Free Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses with ModPay Solutions.

Maximized Profits

Boost Your Bottom Line: By opting for zero fee processing, your business can retain more of its hard-earned income. Traditional processing systems often chip away at profits through various fees, but with zero fee processing, you can enjoy the full value of every sale, directly impacting your profitability in a positive way.

Predictable Costs

Simplify Your Finances: Zero fee processing eliminates unpredictable processing costs, offering you a straightforward financial landscape. You're not left guessing each month about processing costs, allowing for more accurate budgeting and financial planning. This predictability is a game-changer for businesses seeking financial stability.

Enhanced Cash Flow

Improve Cash Flow Management: Cash flow is crucial for business success, and with zero fee processing, you can maintain a healthier cash flow. Since the processing fees are not deducted from your transactions, your business enjoys immediate access to more funds, enabling better management of day-to-day operations and investments.

Advanced Security

Secure Transactions: We prioritize the security of your transactions. Our zero fee processing solutions come with advanced security measures, ensuring that every transaction is safe and your business and customer data are protected against fraud and breaches.

Customer Satisfaction

Keep Your Customers Happy: Zero fee processing is not just beneficial for your business, but also for your customers. You can offer your customers smooth and efficient transaction experiences without the added burden of processing fees, leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Ease of Use

User-Friendly Solutions: Embracing zero fee processing with means enjoying an easy-to-use system. Our solutions are designed for simplicity and efficiency, making it easier for you and your staff to manage transactions without the hassle of dealing with complex fee structures. This ease of use translates to more time focusing on what matters most – growing your business.

Friendly Customer Service
Access Your Account Anytime
Point Of Contact
100% EMV Compliant
100% PCI Compliant
Google Wallet Compatible
ApplePay Compatible
Samsung Pay Compatible
Technical Support
Chargeback Support
Newest Equipment
Paperless Billing
Free Online Reports

We focus on clear and honest service. You can count on us for no hidden fees, no matter if your business processes $1,000 or $10,000,000 in card transactions each month.

Benefits your business needs. 

Eliminate the hassle of rate comparisons

With unbeatable zero fees and dedicated customer service, you'll find long-term satisfaction. Join many other business owners who have already benefited from the most cost-efficient credit card processing available for small businesses.

​Customer Reviews

Managing finances efficiently is key. Switching to ModPay Solutions for our credit card processing was a game-changer. The zero fee processing has significantly cut our costs, and the system's ease of use lets us focus more on our customers. Their customer service is always responsive, making this an excellent choice for any restaurant.

Emily Nguyen

Restaurant Owner

Every penny counts towards better patient care. ModPay Solutions has been key in saving on credit card processing fees. Their zero fee structure lets us put more resources into patient services. The transition was smooth, with their team being very supportive. Highly recommend ModPay Solutions for healthcare professionals seeking a cost-effective payment solution.

Michael Terro

Dental Office Manager

ModPay Solutions has provided us with a reliable and cost-effective payment solution. Their zero fee processing has saved us a significant amount, simplifying our financial processes. Their knowledgeable customer service team is always ready to assist, making them a valuable partner in our business operations.

Sarah Johnson

Pharmaceutical Executive

How can my small businesses avoid credit card fees?

Zero Fee Processing is the best option for your small business if you're looking to avoid credit card processing fees. It offers the lowest rates and even includes free equipment. Business owners usually look for low-cost credit card processing, but Zero Fee Processing is the best way to save money. This type of processing means small businesses don't have to pay extra fees.

Usually, when businesses process credit card payments, they have to cover the costs of customer rewards. But with Zero Fee Processing, the fees are passed back to the customer. They can either pay a small extra fee for using their card, or get a discount for paying with cash. This helps keep costs down for the business while giving customers different ways to pay.

Hands-off setup with zero downtime.

Our zero fee processing works with your existing setup - limiting any down time or need to learn how to use a new system or equipment.

Our zero fee processing easily integrates with your current setup, minimizing any downtime or the need to learn new systems or equipment.

If you ever need to upgrade your equipment or update your systems, we offer the latest equipment to help keep your small business at the forefront of technology.

Start with a quiz to see how much you can save.

Switching to zero fee card processing is easy to set up and comes with a dedicated support rep for any assistance you might need.

Zero Fee Processing For Any Business

Not sure if zero fee processing would work for your business? Click here.

  • AC & Heating

  • Accountants

  • Athletic Trainers

  • Bakery

  • Child Care Services

  • Chiropractic Offices

  • Construction

  • Consultants

  • Convenience Stores

  • Contractors

  • Equipment Rental

  • Fine Dining

  • Fishing/Hunting

  • Grocery Stores

  • Landscape Services

  • Lawn Care Services

  • Marketing/Advertising

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Pawn Brokers

  • Pest Control

  • Plumbing

  • Repair/Maintenance

  • Restaurants/Bars

  • Retail Sales

  • Remodeling

  • Tax Preparation

  • Technology Services

  • Truck Stops

ModPay Solutions

With ModPay Solutions, you can easily afford to accept credit cards in your small business without worrying about high costs. Unlike other credit card merchants that may offer seemingly cheap services but lock you into long-term contracts with expensive equipment and numerous fees, we take a different approach.

You might think high costs are just part of credit card processing for small businesses, but it doesn't have to be that way.

ModPay Solutions offers a truly affordable credit card processing solution with no hidden fees. We prove that credit card processing with no monthly fee for small businesses is not only possible but practical. Click get started to discover how zero fee processing can benefit your business.

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